Experts recognized by engineering firms and contractors

Danovar quipeJ FEV 2021


Masters at industrial water pumping systems design, Danovar’s experts have gained the trust of engineering firms and well known contractors throughout the province and abroad. For more than 30 years, they have been working closely with specialists evolving in municipal, industrial, mining, institutional, commercial, agri-food and recreational sectors.

Danovar’s experts hold the expertise to address all aspects related to the implementation of an industrial water pumping system. Every day, they work closely with you, the specialists, to develop efficient and durable industrial water pumping systems, perfectly adapted to your customers’ challenges and needs. With their leading expertise, they rigorously address each design details to ensure exceptional performance. A point of honor: meet deadlines and budgets agreed with clients.

Before designing an industrial water pumping system, or proceed with its repair,