Danovar’s industrial water pumps are durable

Whether for wastewater pumps, submersibles pumps, vertical turbine pumps, or pressure booster pumps ancre vers les contenus afférents dans la page, Danovar has the solution to your customers’ industrial water pumping needs. Our experts possess the expertise to suggest the highest performance water pump meeting your customer’s specific needs.

Our line of electrical, gas and diesel pumps is complete : wastewater pumps, dewatering pumps, distribution pumps, feed pumps (ex. : centrifugal, submersible, vertical turbine).

To design an efficient industrial water pumping system, or to resolve an emergency situation

Submersible Pumps

Danovar recommands the following multistage submersible pumps manufacturers : National, Franklin, Sulzer, Pompco, Berkeley, Gould, Simflo, Johnson, Simons, Crane and Grundfos. These pumps are desgined to optimize groundwater pumping in collecting wells.

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VTP or mix-flow vertical turbine pumps

Danovar designs water pumping systems incorporating VTP pumps, also known as ''vertical turbine pumps'', or line shaft. This type of industrial water pumps is used in municipal infrastructures for potable water distribution to citizens, or to feed Fire department water systems.

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Wastewater pumps

Integrated in an industrial water pumping system, wastewater pumps contribute to optimize wastewater management and treatment in residential, municipal and industrial sectors. They are also perfect for all type of water treatment process.

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Booster pumps

Booster pumps can increase, equalize or optimize the water pressure of a municipal, industrial or commercial water distribution system. They're also used for supplying water for industrial manufacturing processes or cleaning operations.

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