FLOMATIC® Valves for industrial water pumping system

Danovar is an authorized distributor of the complete FLOMATIC® line of valves certified by NSF and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI): check valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, control valves and air vent-sniffer valves.

Since 1933, FLOMATIC® VALVES specializes in manufacturing valves for all kinds of water pumping system. The impeccable quality of its products and its expertise at the cutting edge of technology make FLOMATIC® VALVES a worldwide recognized leader.

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FlomaticⓇ Control Valves

Danovar sells the following FLOMATICⓇ control valves : C101, CF101, C101, CA101, C103, CA103, C201, CA201, C205, CA205, C301, CA301, C401, CA401, C501, CA501, C601, CA601, C621, C701, CA701, C705, CF705, C801, CA801, C901, CA901, C1001 and CA1001.

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Valves à guillotine FlomaticⓇ

Danovar sells the following FLOMATICⓇ gate valves : 115FL, 115PO, 115MJ, 1090SY, 109NRS, 115NPT and 109G. They are all suited for aqueducts water or municipal infrastructures water pumping systems.

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FlomaticⓇ Butterfly Valves 

Danovar sells the following Flomatic® butterfly valves: Azure® AWWA C504 - model 45, SylaxⓇ Wafer & Lug Style - model 149G, SylaxⓇ Electric Actuated model 149GA and Kwik-Close® Series 6000. They are all suited for potable water and wastewater municipal pumping systems and for pumping systems required by industrial companies.

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FlomaticⓇ Check Valves

Danovar sells the following FLOMATIC® check valves: 80DI check valve, 402BT silent style globe valve, 888 check valve, 895-848 check valve and 80S6 check valve.

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FlomaticⓇ Comboair Valves (vent-sniffer)

Danovar sells the following Flomaticair vent-sniffer valves type : MINIAIR, MAXIAIR, COMBOAIR, WELLAIR, SEWAIR-MINI, SEWAIR-MAXI, SEWAIR-DUAL and SEWAIR-COMBO. They are ideal, among others, for industrial and municipal water pumping systems.

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