FlomaticⓇ Butterfly Valves 

Danovar sells the following Flomatic® butterfly valves: Azure® AWWA C504 - model 45, SylaxⓇ Wafer & Lug Style - model 149G, SylaxⓇ Electric Actuated model 149GA and Kwik-Close® Series 6000. They are all suited for potable water and wastewater municipal pumping systems and for pumping systems required by industrial companies.

The butterfly valve is used for regulating the flow in large diameter pipes. The operation is similar to that of a ball valve. A plate, or disc, in which a rod goes through, is positioned in the center of the pipe. The rod is connected to a trigger outside of the valve. By rotating the shutter, the disc rotates in parallel to, or perpendicularly to, the flow. Unlike a ball valve, the disc is still present in the flow, which is effective to induce a continuous pressure drop, regardless of the position of the valve.

Ask for our catalog for more information on FLOMATIC® butterfly valves technical specifications, sold by Danovar.

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